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Why I Choose Evernote

After getting started with Getting Things Done, I needed a simple solution for managing all the lists and such that GTD requires.  GTD, in a sense, is nothing more than lists of tasks.  I needed a simple tool for a simple solution.  Evernote is just that, a simple tool that...

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Why I Chose David Allen’s Getting Things Done

I distinctly remember the day I bought David Allen’s Getting Things Done book at Books-A-Million. I was in the “business” section of the store looking for books to help grow my web design business, i3 Web Design. I had read many good things about GTD online. However, I just never...

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First Post – The Hardest

It seems like I have started a new blog too many times to count. I take all this time to setup the site and get a theme that somewhat fits my personality – much harder than it sounds. I usually only write the first post. Then I forget about the...